asuria2Fundamentals of Ausarian Tantra Yoga

This class introduces and familiarizes the student with all features that distinguish Ausarian Tantra Yoga. The student learns how to experience the dynamics of meditation, life energy and ‘animated’ vibrant postures simultaneously. Philosophical precepts are discussed during class.

Ausarian Joints and Glands

One of the acts attributed to the neter Set and his co-conspirators, according to Kemetic legend, was the dissection of Ausar into 14 pieces. The 14 pieces were scattered. Basically, Set is the personification of agents that oppose the redemption of Ausar. Set signify commitment to materialism and the lower self. Eventually, with the aid of other neters, Ausar is remembered and subsequently redeemed. This part of Ausar’s saga signals the need to directly address the joints and glands. In this class the joints are lubricated and the glands are toned. This aspect of Ausarian Tantra Yoga is more up tempo and aerobic. The therapeutics effects are experienced immediately.

Ausarian Tantra Yoga Theory & Practice

In this class participants will be comprehensively instructed in pertinent aspects of breathing techniques, meditation, energy management, Ausarian flow techniques and philosophy.

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